Liquid Drum & Bass Dreamers


This week’s upload to Soundcloud sees the continuation of the Travel Diaries EP that was released earlier in the year but after deciding to update my Pro subscription so I could upload unlimited tunes on the platform I’ve been on the longest, I thought it’s probably best to update things there! This time, it’s the high energy liquid drum and bass track with a nod to Livin’ Joy’s 1990s club classic – Dreamer (see if you can spot the influence).

Out of the whole EP, I’d say that this is definitely the most energetic one from the off and I made to express the feeling I had at the time I was travelling around in Australia and New Zealand last year about realising a dream. That dream was to travel and it was the best damn thing I’ve been fortunate enough to have done, hopefully we get a chance to do it again sooner with this pandemic!

This is also prompting me to start writing travel blogs again from my website and share the adventures from last year again. I still have a lot to get through but need to update some of the older blogs as I was posting on another site so it’ll be good to relive them again. Watch this space!

You can download the Dreamer track here or if you’re on Spotify, add it to your playlist here, Apple Music link is here. Thanks to everyone who’s supported and hope you enjoy this one – also a big thanks to @gabrielatravels for the artwork!

Hope you enjoy


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