Liquid Drum & Bass Time Is Now

Your Time Is Now

Continuing with the weekly theme of updating my back catalogue to Soundcloud, this track seemed to be appropriate given that I’m going to be embarking on a 2 week digital detox from Saturday 12th September. Sometimes, you just need to switch everything off and look at what’s giving you grief. For the most part it’s being online, which is usually a salvation for someone as introverted as me but even I have my limits, particularly in the current global turbulence.

The first week of the month is also when myself, @cheese4ead, @plantstoplanks and @foxyspirit (along with a few others) get excited when we launch a new topic in the monthly, fun contest we run called “Your Top 3” where we ask users on a blogging platform called PeakD what their top 3 favourite things are about a certain topic. This month, it was “Travel Destinations”, which brought back a lot of fun memories from my travel adventures last year.

Artwork courtesy of @gabrielatravels

Of course, I went with Australia, New Zealand and Cornwall but it was when I was out in New Zealand that I really felt that everything I’d worked towards had been worth it. Saving up to experience a “bucket list” of places, really living in the moment and that those months of traveling were my time.

So really, the message behind this track is simple – your time is now. Don’t waste a second as life is short so be happy for what you have! That feeling is what I wanted to get across in this one with the euphoric sounds from the choir and cheerful melody. Here’s the track:

Release Information

Release Date: 13th March 2020
ISRC: GBWUL1956938
Label: Electronic Alliance Records
Apple Music

Will I Do Travel Blogs Again?

Aha, some of you have been asking me this and the answer is yes I will be doing them again. It’s been over 6 months now since my last blog, even longer if you subscribe on my website and that’s going to be changing. I need to update my blog here on my own website but that can be done when I get back from digital detox.

In short, I’ve missed them, you’ve missed them, so let’s correct that and sort it out in October hey?


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