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Evenings Are Drawing In

As we get towards the dreaded “clocks going back” weekend (and some other Halloween thing), I’ve noticed with the 2,020 km challenge that I have less daylight time in the evenings after work to squeeze in a run or an aggressively paced hike as the evenings draw in. And so begins a little bit of a dive into my darker tracks I’ve made in the past with today’s audible offering of Dark Times:

Dark Times

Of course, with all that’s going on in the world at the moment, we’re living in some dark times any way and there’s no escaping the unrest that’s filtered through our lives. After speaking to a few of my colleagues earlier and EMA Co-Founders last weekend, you can sense it in the conversations, it’s not far away, that exasperation perpetuated throughout the world since March.

So it’s probably appropriate that I get these dark vibes off my chest around the time of Halloween and share Dark Times with you – a track I made as I was going through some of my own personal toughest times at an earlier point in life.

First Ever Radio Air Time

Even though I was never fond of going in to the darkness, this track does have a light side to it as it was my first ever track that got aired on local radio Marlow FM back in 2012. The DJ liked it so much she actually played it twice – I never did get around to going for an interview there but I may reach out again and see if they’d be up for some Havey tunes on their “New Music Discovery” programme!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the track – Spotify link here


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