Flashback Friday – Liquid Drum & Bass Meets Vocal Talent

Nebula feat. TygerTyger

Continuing the weekly upload to my Soundcloud page of releases from 2020, today’s “Flashback Friday” is my collaboration with a talented female vocalist who goes by the name of @tygertyger, who laid down some incredible vocals on my original instrumental called Nebula. I’m not going to waste any time here and just let you enjoy this liquid drum & bass journey through space, guided by TygerTyger:

This was released on 22nd May 2020 on Electronic Alliance Records and started trending on PeakD, a blogging site I’m most active on, which was incredible really!

We were both overwhelmed and grateful for the support it received, especially when the comments came in but now it’s got a home on Soundcloud it felt appropriate to share again in case you missed it the first time around or you’re a new follower wanting to hear some of my tunes!

The artwork is created by TygerTyger and is as haunting as the vocals she produced for the track – a perfect match I’d say! I’m hoping to fit this tune in my next show on the Platform Project along with some of the other tracks I’ve been sharing recently on my blog.

Offline Life

Since I’ve come back from the digital detox last Saturday, I’ve been slowly catching up on all the latest goings on online and social media but if I’m being brutally honest, I’d much rather be offline and limiting my time spent online. If you follow me on Spotify or Soundcloud then you’ll be kept up to date with my music releases better than the blogs.

Website Revamp

I’ll also be making a few changes to my website and converting it more to a blog site, removing the shop here as it’s not doing much other than slowing down the performance of my website (and no-one buys music any more these days, seems it’s all about the streaming) so it will save a bit of bunce on server costs!

Anyway, hope you enjoy this latest Soundcloud share and enjoy reliving the glory of Nebula!

Take care


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