Freebie Friday! Liquid Drum & Bass Roller Inbound

Bring Them Back

Ah, let’s switch up the Flashback Friday for Freebie Friday and bring back the free downloads hey?! Gosh, I remember a time when I’d give out a lot of tunes for free and to be honest, I’m thinking of heading back down that way again, particularly with the bootlegs and remixes that aren’t able to be released on Electronic Alliance Records!

The only issue with that is… Spotify. I could release the tracks on Spotify if I wanted but it would kind of defeat the point of having them in all these stores if I were to just give them away for free but we’ll see. There’s so many tunes in the back locker that I haven’t shared yet – 2021 will be a good year for releases I think! Not that 2020 has been particularly bad (at least in that front).

With the Travel Diaries EP being my main release this year to celebrate that awesome venture last year, there have been a few other single releases and collaborations with @skaarl, @tygertyger, @winkandwoo and @spawn which have pushed genres and my own “skills” (I use the word “skills” loosely)! Expect some more in 2021 but let’s get on to the main topic of today’s post, the freebie!

BLINDSTATE – End of the World (Nicky Havey VIP remix)

If you follow me on PeakD, you’d have seen me post up a cheeky preview of this before unleashing to the wider world but the story behind this one is that it’s a VIP (Variation in Production) of a chilled out version I did some 7 years prior. Earlier this week, Mr BLINDSTATE himself messaged me after we hadn’t really spoken for 8 years and it looks like we might be working on a track together but that prompted me to start getting this one up on my Soundcloud page.

This version is the full liquid drum & bass version and the good news is that it’s a free download! You should be able to download it through the player above by clicking the down arrow.

I hope you enjoy!


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