[House Music] Time Machine With Winkandwoo

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Flashback Friday

Continuing with the uploads on my Soundcloud page of in the Flashback Friday series, it’s time for something a little different! This was my first dive in to Deep House, which was inspired by a music contest on a social blogging platform called PeakD in 2019 and for some reason, I never uploaded it on my own SoundCloud page until earlier today with thanks to the incredible vocals from @winkandwoo helping it reach it’s full potential! Here it is in all it’s glory:

Time Machine

As it happens, in that contest on PeakD, the instrumental version reached 2nd place but it was always missing something. It wasn’t until Winkandwoo reached out and asked if he could lay down some of his awesome vocals that the final piece could be slotted in. I remember beaming from ear to ear when I first heard his lyrical genius and it still invoked the same reaction as I was smashing the “play” button earlier.

It couldn’t be more appropriate really either given the title of the track is Time Machine and how I’m sure we’d all love a time machine to take us back to better days or have another crack at those forgotten dreams given the current situation. Or even just to get past this pandemic!

Release Information

Time Machine was released on Electronic Alliance Records on 6th December 2019 (how is that nearly a year ago?). If you use Spotify, add it to your playlist here.

New Genres

I’m thinking of diving a bit more in to new genres that I haven’t really played around too much with, such as Trance next year. This collaboration I shared today with Winkandwoo is a nice reminder that it’s good to go out of your comfort zone and learn a few new things, rather than feel stagnant (which is a bit like how I’m feeling at the moment and struggling to get motivated – I’ll snap out of it!)

So expect more in the way of Trance and I’ll have news of an EP at the beginning of 2021. However, with EMA’s Future Sounds Anthology coming up for Halloween, expect a bit of a zombie rave… you have been warned!

Hope you enjoy the Time Machine!

Take care


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