Liquid Drum & Bass – Overload

Seems Appropriate…

Over the weekend, there was a realisation in the conversations I was having with Bufinjer and DaveyHub that we were feeling the strain of not just 2 years of co-running the Electronic Music Alliance community and Electronic Alliance Records label but everything else that’s going on in 3D life like everyone else.

That feeling may have been lasting months but the feeling of Overload was undeniably etched all over our chat – so today’s music share seems appropriate:


I initially made this track to reflect that exact feeling of feeling overloaded with… well, everything! I think we’re all going through at the moment (not just in EMA but globally) with the pandemic and the sheer amount we’re trying to take in and deal with such a huge change in our lives.

To try and continue the way we were at break neck speeds in our spare time with EMA and keep the community going with all the releases, DJ mixes, collaborations, compilations and promotion (whilst trying to do everything else), we were definitely overloaded!

As I say, we weren’t the only ones going through a pandemic and a lot of the online communities we’re involved with have seen a drop off in activity which is totally understandable.

So we are also taking the opportunity to refocus our energies on other things but I’ll still have some level of involvement with EMA to keep things ticking along for those who are still embracing the spirit of it which is all about collaborating, improving production skills and helping share positive vibes about the place – we all need more of that I think!

I hope you enjoy the track – here’s the Spotify link


P.S. giving the new WordPress plugin called Exxp a go which posts to a blogging site I’m on called PeakD so hope this works – let me know!

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