New Release Friday – Zombie Rave Time!

Future Sounds Anthology Vol. 4

Ohhhh yeah! The final Future Sounds Anthology Vol. 4 compilation of 2020 from the Electronic Music Alliance is out today and it features 15 tracks from 15 talented music producers across a variety of genres and no doubt, if you follow us on Twitter then you’ll be seeing this a lot over the next few days! A perfect EP for electronic music lovers and given that the theme was “Halloween-ish”, there’s something for those who like things a little darker! The Spotify playlist is below:

Zombie Rave

So in continuing with the dark theme, Zombie Rave is my contribution to the FSA compilation and it kinda does exactly what it says on the tin. Some of you may remember me sharing a cheeky work in progress preview last year but when Halloween tracks were the order of the day for the release, this was a perfect fit!

Imagine you’re a zombie and you were into drum and bass in your previous “life” but in this post-apocalyptic world, all the raves are shut and you just want to throw what’s left of your undead limbs around in some weird boogie dance. You see a couple of other zombies aimlessly wandering around and greet them.

Mmmmmmmm oooooooo

You say

Arrrrrrrr uuuuuuu

They say back

Then a melody starts from somewhere, you both turn to the noise and see that there’s a zombie DJ who’s managed to find a keyboard and create a catchy melody, the beat starts and the next thing you know, there’s a whole moshpit of zombies, raving to their, well, maybe not heart’s content as they are undead but you get the idea. This is how I imagine that zombie rave going down anyway – here’s the track in full on Soundcloud:

Release Details

Zombie Rave was released as part of the Future Sounds Anthology Vol. 4 compilation on Electronic Alliance Records on 23rd October 2020. You can check the track out on Spotify.

ISRC: USLZJ2048790

Hope you enjoy!


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