Trance Music Releases To Look Forward To In 2021

Yes, Trance Music!

I know, unusual headline for someone who predominantly makes drum & bass music but you know what, I fancied doing something different and it was trance music that I initially dived in to at the end of the 1990s and early 2000s before I got in to drum & bass. So it’s going to be a fun and exciting journey going back to my trance roots as soon as 2021 hits! Literally, New Year’s Day 2021 is when it all begins, are you ready? Here’s the scoop!

Clouds of Memories EP – 9th April 2021

“Clouds of Memories EP” – Front Cover

I’ve spent much of this evening getting all the back-end work done on the distribution service we use at Electronic Alliance Records for this 5 track bonanza called Clouds of Memories! Although I can’t take credit for the name as that was the brain child of @gabrielatravels, a friend I met on the PeakD blogging platform who also does the kick ass graphic design and artwork for all my music (and another side project that I’ll have news of from my site in the next month or so).

She always captures the emotion of the tracks with the artwork designs and I always give her free reign – each time she delivers something epic so I thought I’d share the designs with you as a warm up to next year’s releases!

The front cover is above with the clouds in the form of ice cream, which is one of the most delightful memories I have when visiting Cornwall on the Summer family holidays and then the back cover below has the track listing on, with the plane wing flying above another dedication to my travels and how I’m sure we all wish we could travel again in, given the pandemic.

“Clouds of Memories” – Back Cover

The plan is, as usual, to release the tracks individually and as an album at the end of it all on the 9th April 2021, which coincides with the 2 year anniversary of my travels from 2019 around Australia and New Zealand. I’m spacing the single releases out every 3 weeks so you aren’t spammed and have time to enjoy the tracks! Hopefully one of these can get featured on a Spotify Editorial playlist but we’ll see how it goes! Here’s the track list and release dates

End Of An Era – 1st January 2021

“End Of An Era” Artwork

Why not kick off the start of the year with a brand new track? I made this one after a few unfortunate situations lead to the end of a specific era in my life but, you know how it is, you go in to the next one and sometimes the transition can be a little bumpy. However, you always sense the end is nigh and things won’t be the same again.

In a way, you can probably say that about the general feeling of the world right now as things really aren’t the same as they were and the era that we once knew is replaced with this one we’re in now. Let’s hope this one finishes soon hey!

Invader – 22nd January 2021

“Invader” Artwork

Next up is the longest track of the collection and in fact, the longest track I have made so far at over 12 minutes! If you were able to tune in to one of the Spotlight On The Artist shows last year when I was on, gatecrashing the place, then you may remember this being aired. If not then you long track trance lovers are in for a treat!

Some described the sound effects in this as “space seagulls” but the track itself is about someone or something that comes in to your life and totally disrupts the status quo. Friendships can go awry due to this invasion in your life and you see how things change but there’s nothing you can do about it. You’ve been hit by the “Invader”!

How It Used To Be – 12th Feb 2021

“How It Used To Be” Artwork

As the pace and BPM of the tracks speed up (remember, I’m primarily a drum & bass producer), the emotions of desire on how things used to be really get stronger. This one is a bit more of a somber track as the melody dictates the feeling that you wish you could go back in time to how things used to be, which leads very nicely in to the next pinnacle track of the EP.

Nostalgia – 5th March 2021

“Nostlagia” Artwork

Truly feeling the need to go back in time to better days, this is the highest energy track of the EP as we’re truly ensconced in the memories of the good times. Remember when we could just go out partying and have some crazy nights out? Some of the best times were at the rave, just enjoying the music and throwing all kinds of shapes. This one is all about our minds taking us back and thoroughly enjoying the nostalgic trip.

Perpetual – 26th March 2021

“Perpetual” Artwork

Then we come to the final track which is a bit of a gentler one, the pace drops off a few BPM as we realise that all these different eras we go through life are actually perpetual – they never leave us. It’s actually quite freeing and the theme of this one reflects that as the mood changes half way through.

Coming Soon

I’ll be keeping you updated with the release information on this but I hope you are enjoying the story line. I’m old fashioned when it comes to EPs and I just like taking people on journeys through my music as there’s a story behind each one! I think people across the world a generally quite similar, we all have struggles, we have all had good times and we reflect on all of it, particularly with the situation we find ourselves in at the moment.

At least there’s something to look forward to in 2021 to keep us going though hey? Well, if you like my musical style and the prospect of it being fused in to trance that is haha!

Take care


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