Flashback Friday – Cheeky Bit of Progressive House!

Freaky Medicine

My first proper venture in to Progressive House/Trance came in June 2020 around the time of my birthday as I remixed a really cool original track from Skaarl that I heard back in 2019. I remember feeling the energy from it as I started busting out some push ups and sit-ups when I was doing another fitness challenge (yeah I know, too many fitness challenges to keep up with haha)!

As my Spotify profile automatically updates with each new release, I’ve also tried to get my Soundcloud page up to speed in parallel but failing miserably as I just keep forgetting! However, with the Friday series of blogs acting as a good reminder and it seems like a nice way to start the weekend, why not carry on with this (at least for the time being)?! Here’s the latest Soundcloud treat for you:

As I mentioned above, this is a bit of new territory for me production-wise as I’m mostly a Drum & Bass Producer so life at a whopping 40 BPM slower than what I’m used to was actually pretty nice! It seemed to go down well with the house and trance heads though when it was released in June 2020 and I’m pleased to say I’ll have some more tunes in this genre coming up at the beginning of the new year!

Release Information

Freaky Medicine was released on Electronic Alliance Records on 19th June 2020. The Spotify link/player is below so go ahead and add it to your pumping playlist!

Continuing Drum & Bass?

Don’t worry Drum & Bass heads, I’ll still be continuing with my favourite genre and each month will be involved with the Platform Project! In fact, I just got off the phone with DJ Pi about our next show on 21st November and we’ll be rolling out a few new things for 2021 which will hopefully come off without a hitch but plenty of trials and testing to be done before then – we’ll keep you posted!

Until the next time, take it easy


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