Freebie Friday – Liquid Drum & Bass – Blood On The Motorway Remix

A Long Time Coming

I’ve been meaning to push this free liquid drum and bass remix out for a while but finally, here it is! I’ve teased a few times about it with playing this track out in my shows and a lot of you were asking when it will be pushed to the public – well, you need wait no more as it’s here in all its glory! Here’s my remix of DJ Shadow‘s “Blood on the Motorway”:

The original itself is explained from DJ Shadow on this Facebook post, but in short, it’s about a deep emotional dive in to contemplating death, dying and then the afterlife and takes us on a journey through the physical realm. You can listen in to it’s fullest here:


I was inspired to make my own version after hearing another Drum & Bass version from a producer called DJ Hosta who I’ve pretty much bought every track of when I was heavily on Soundcloud back in the day. Although it took me a long time to find out what the original was called as I first heard this on a rave night out at Hospitality in 2011, slightly “under the influence” and losing myself in the music.

It was actually hearing those striking piano chords on Match of the Day (a football match highlights show) that shot me bolt upright in my seat and quickly shazamed it and we were in! Years of hoping to hear it again and there it was, on a Saturday evening in a football highlights show! Funny how these things turn out!

So, over time, I just chipped away at it but never got it mastered although I had an old work in progress version on my Soundcloud page from many years ago. I decided to just get the job done and I’m really pleased with the way it turned out, hope DJ Shadow is too!

If you like it yourself, you can get a copy by pressing the down button on the Soundcloud player above!


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