Getting Back On Air With The Platform Project

It’s Been A While

A long while… 3 months since my last live stream with DJ Pi on the Platform Project but we’ll be back in action again on 21st November on BassportFM with our digital back to back session taking you through a couple of hours of Drum & Bass. With styles ranging from liquid to something a little heavier, we’ve been scouring the music streaming sites such as Spotify and Soundcloud for gems to include in this month’s show. For a glimpse of what we’re all about, check our previous dynamic offering here:

Platform Project

This is a 3 hour live show that happens every 3rd Saturday evening from 20:00-23:00 UK time with the aim of showcasing some drum & bass gems that haven’t been uncovered yet or even re-discovering the gems of the past. DJ Pi has been running the monthly show for over 5 years now with me joining in nearly 3 years ago.

In recent times, we’ve moved to a live switch up where we take it in turns with the mix in a digital back-to-back style, handing the baton over between the 260 mile corridor from the South East to the North West. All live on air! It’s risky, thrilling but all good fun as we never know where the other DJ will take us and we love interacting with listeners on the night as well!

Blowing Off The Dust

As it’s been a long time since I got the 1s and 2s out, there’s definitely a lot of dust building up on those bad boys so had to give the kit a bit of clean! Next thing is to check the mic input so I can annoy everyone and talk over the tunes, you all like that right? Haha! And of course, getting the track list together for each segment leading on from the previous minimix from Pi. The final piece is remembering how we do the transition but I’m sure it will all come flooding back.

There really is nothing quite like doing a live stream, the feel good vibes from the tunes, the interaction, the banter back and forth between myself and Pi. I don’t know how I’d fair if this was actually a proper live show in front of hundreds or, let’s dream, thousands at a festival! Hopefully we’ll find out one day when all the lockdown and pandemic ends.

Until then, we’ll provide the good vibes through drum & bass mixes! Put it in your diary folks – 21st November 20:00 UK Time – Bassport FM!

See you there


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