Got Any “Family Friendly” Questions For DJ Pi??

New Challenge

I posted the other day about getting myself back on the decks after a 3 month “break” and doing a live show with fellow co-host DJ Pi on the Platform Project. When I posted on Facebook, I wasn’t expecting to see a cheeky little challenge being laid down from Mr B at the point where one DJ transitions to the next, live on air! Here’s what was said:

This got me thinking about which direction we can go in for the questions, whether they get “saucier” as the transitions go on later in the night or we keep it family friendly! So I’m going to stick with family friendly for the moment seeing as we aim our shows for everyone of all ages – it is about the music after all! Although on the night, anything can happen haha!

In any case, thought I’d share the above remix purely from the title, “What Do You Want From Me”! It’s a free download if you wanted to grab it! Questions wise, I’ll probably have to give Mr B a call and see what he actually wants from me on this haha!

I’m not really sure what amusing questions I can ask Mr Pi but maybe you do? What do you think? Got any “quick and easy” questions that I can slip in the short time (5-10 seconds) we have for the transition? Let me know in the comments below!

Nicky & DJ Pi

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