Upcoming 2021 Releases – The Year Of Trance!

New Year New Music

2020 has been a year many of us will no doubt want to see the back of – let’s hope things will be a bit more positive for all in 2021! With that in mind, I’m aiming to bring a few new tunes out in genres I’ve not really produced in, which is something I mentioned in an earlier blog – Trance & House!

Oh yeah! I’m going to go back to my roots here as I got in to these genres a few years before Drum & Bass entered my life. I used to buy up the Ministry of Sound Annual and Summer compilations from 1999-2004 and rinsed those mixes on repeat. There was something about the dreamy soundscapes, angelic vocals and driving 4 to the floor drum beats that took my imagination for a wild ride!

The first endeavour in to Trance Music

I used to buy the original tracks from those mixes as I liked hearing the full, non-edited versions and in true trance style, those tracks lasted 8 minutes and beyond, taking you on a full journey. When I occasionally went to conventional nightclubs, I could never understand the constant changing of tunes every minute as the crowd lapped it up as I never felt that the music was allowed to breathe.

However, when I went to some smaller festivals, the music was played in full, mixed and transitioned in properly to a point that two tunes blended well together, almost forming a brand new track in the process. This approach resonated with me and still does when I do my own mixes.

The reason I’m saying all this is because the trance releases that are coming up from me in 2021 are characteristic of the long intros, building up to tell the story in a progressive manner and to make them DJ mix friendly too. In fact, the shortest track of the 5 that are coming up is nearly 6 and a half minutes so it’s a trance lover’s paradise!

Clouds of Memories EP

Front Cover Artwork

The full 5 track EP will be released on 9th April 2021 but, in keeping with the “letting the tracks breathe” philosophy, I’ll be releasing them individually up to the 9th April. The personal significance of that April date still remains as it’s when I went travelling in April 2019 to Australia & New Zealand and acts as a reminder of the good times, whilst hoping to be able to travel again once the pandemic is over.

Track list of the EP

My good friend, @gabrielatravels captured the emotions of the EP beautifully with her artwork skills – the ice cream being a lovely memory I associate with being on the beach in Cornwall for Summer holidays and the plane wing from flying around the world on various adventures. Here’s the release schedule:

  • 1st January 2021End Of An Era
  • 22nd January 2021Invader
  • 12th Feb 2021How It Used To Be
  • 5th March 2021Nostalgia
  • 26th March 2021Perpetual

So watch out for New Year’s Day and the first few months of 2021, it’s going to be a Trance fest! Get your glow sticks and let’s have a digital disco! Be sure to follow on Spotify for the latest release info!

Do you like the long format of tracks or are you a “get me in to the tune straight away” kinda raver? Let me know in the comments below!

Take care


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