New Trance Music – “End of an Era”

Time For Change

I’m sure we’re all ready for a bit of change given the year that 2020 was but in keeping up the whole “new year, time for a change” theme that always pops up this time of year, I’m going for a new genre to kick 2021 off! I mentioned I was going to get back to my Trance influences a couple of days ago and so, here we are!

End of an Era

This is my first real production venture in to a genre that I was heavily into from 1999-2004 which I call trance but is probably a bit of trance house. The track was born from the many times I’ve changed things in my life from one era to the next.

Each time one era ends, it’s always an emotional moment, whether elated about getting out of a situation or sad to see things change. Trying to capture both of those emotions in this upbeat, deep house/trance track was a challenge but I hope that comes across – have a listen here:

Release Information

Release Date: 1st January 2021
ISRC: USLZJ2062276
Label: Electronic Alliance Records
Apple Music

I hope you enjoy this new release! Let me know what you think in the comments below – oh and have as good a 2021 as possible!


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