brand new music with a double release!

Oh yeah! Here we go, it’s time for new music in the form of a double whammy with a Trance and Liquid Drum & Bass release from me today! It’s not very often this happens so enjoy this momentous occasion as the Electronic Music Alliance’s “Future Sounds Anthology 2.0” 18 track bonanza features my Drum & Bass tune shared on MSP Waves’ One Tribe Radio show, and a Trance track that continues with the Clouds of Memories EP in true nostalgic fashion!

There’s a long standing in-joke with my friends in the Electronic Music Alliance that I’m a bit of a snail when it comes to producing music and who could blame them when the conversation usually goes a little bit like this:

“Hey Nicky, want to collab?”

“Sure, how are you looking in 10 years time?”

I can’t help it, I just like taking my time with things! The pattern of play would usually be quiet on the release front and then a flurry of releases on a regular basis, going through spells of creativity in the studio working on new tunes or taking some time out as life has been pretty full on the last 12 months!

This opens up a producer’s dilemma. Keep working on tunes whilst already being in the midst of releasing music or keep promoting what’s currently out there. For me as a hobbyist, I don’t really have to work to any schedule so just go with the flow… hence the snail jokes lol! Let’s get to those releases then!

Trance Music – How It Used To Be

Hopping in to my own personal “bull market” of releases (one for you cryptocurrency enthusiasts) here, the first track to share is the trance adventure that continues with the “Clouds of Memories EP” I’ve been slowly dripping out since the beginning of 2021. Trance music was when I started my own venture of music discovery back in 1999-2004 as I zoned in to Ministry of Sound releases but it took me until 2020 before I started on the production front in this genre – this latest one is called “How It Used To Be“:

The track began its life in a music contest on a social network site called PeakD in 2020 which gave producers a different genre each week to have a go at creating new track for. If I remember rightly, this one ended up coming in second place in “Psytrance” week which I was pretty thrilled about seeing as I never ventured in to that genre before. It probably falls more in to classic trance vibes though rather than Psytrance but either way, I’m happy with the outcome as the mood of the track is one of nostalgia as the title suggests!

Drum & Bass Music – Waves of Motion

Now we get back to something I’m a little more familiar with – Drum & Bass – and a track called “Waves of Motion” which was shared exclusively first over on MSP Waves internet station when I made a guest appearance on One Tribe Radio. It was great to be back on the show with the lovely D-Vine and TygerTyger and the chat room heaving with gifs from various members of the Electronic Music Alliance – a much needed lift for everyone!

However, we’re all really excited in EMA after today’s release of 18 tracks on our annual compilation of tunes from the Mothership called Future Sounds Anthology 2.0 which you can stream on Spotify here! I provided the DnB of course and I went for a “simple but effective” approach with this track – sometimes they work out better! A gentle melody to open followed by the growing bassline that hits on the drop. Here’s the Spotify link of it:

So there you have it – two different genres for a double release day to bring the vibes this weekend for the ravers!

Hope you enjoy


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