February Update From Havey HQ – cryptocurrency & music


I really must get in to the habit of blogging from my website more but I’ve been having a lot of fun on another platform called LeoFinance sharing some views on cryptocurrency as this industry has really kicked off in the public eye over the last couple of months. Being a part time two-bit music producer, I have been observing things and taking it in my stride as it can be a minefield if you don’t know what you’re doing!

A lot of the projects I was heavily involved with last year came to an abrupt end all of a sudden at the end of December and I’m still recovering from burnout from all of this. The Platform Project, stepping back from Electronic Music Alliance, the 2,020km Challenge, Your Top 3 contest on top of real life all contributing and it’s been nice to remove those pressures and being able to focus on other things.

Add to the mix that my music PC has been down and out for the best part of February and I’m left twiddling my thumbs (or tapping my fingers with blogging) – thankfully there are still some releases that I had scheduled which are ticking along nicely so let’s have a quick run through of the latest from there!

Music Releases

Miraculously, this snail has managed to hit a bit of a productive spell before things got really intense last year and scheduled in a few releases which culminated in 3 releases in February!

“Invader” & “How It Used To Be” – Trance

Oh yes! Your boy has been diving a little in to the Trance music scene this year, going back to my roots with influences from Ministry of Sound from my school days growing up in 1999-2004. Invader was presented on a show called One Tribe Radio ( @one.tribe.radio ) which is a 12 minute monster, one for the DJs to mix in classic trance fashion and How It Used To Be with a more nostalgic feel to it, aiming for a trademark melody that was what these trance tunes were all about back in the day!

“Waves of Motion” – Drum & Bass

Something a little more familiar here with Waves of Motion, lapping up the shores on the Liquid Drum & Bass beach as I remembered to set my BPM in the music software to 174! I don’t know how anyone can spend a sustained amount of time at any other BPM but that might just be me haha! This one was released as part of a compilation with Electronic Alliance Records called Future Sounds Anthology Vol 2.0:


I’ve been trying to get my head around a lot of projects in this space for the last few years and it still boggles my mind. However, I am most active with these different communities with blogging and interaction vs conventional platforms like Twitter and Facebook – it’s just more rewarding once you get past the learning curve and mindset change. Hopefully things will be made easier this year for the newcomer but if you’re following me on Facebook and Twitter and wondering where I am, now you know! It’s like some “Havey in Cryptoland” falling down the rabbit hole and I’m sucked in to the vortex haha!

I’ll try to remember to resurface once my music PC comes back and share tunes to my FB and Twitter! Otherwise your best bet is to catch me on Spotify, Apple Music or Soundcloud.

Hope you enjoy the tunes and let me know if you are also interested in crypto as I’ll share more blogs about what I know from my website!

Take care


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