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Continuing The Trance Vibes

Despite not having a music PC for what feels like an eternity now (it’s been about a week lol), I was thankfully prepared enough to schedule my trance releases and today, we have another! If you’ve been following me on any of the HIVE social network apps, then you might remember me sharing this one last year as an exclusive for you music lovers. This release is called Nostalgia and we’re going back in time to those high energy trance vibes from the early 2000s.


When I was supposed to be doing my school work back in the late 1990s/early 2000s, I’d often lose myself listening in to all the CDs I bought such as all of the Ministry of Sound compilations mixed by various DJs like Tall Paul and Judge Jules. Oh yeah, I was a collector for sure, still have all of those in my dusty CD rack and what I’d is then buy the digital versions of those tunes later on to create my first Trance music mix in 2020 which featured just a tiny amount of my favourites from those days – included are a few tracks that I have been releasing this year as well (such as Nostalgia) so if you wanted to relive what I was vibing to growing up, look no further than this EMA DJ Mix!

The long intros and outros are something I’ve always enjoyed personally. Hearing the track progress and build to something epic and euphoric, plus giving the DJs a chance for some creative licence with their mixing for a seamless mix. Great for doing a run to as well to get in to the rhythm! In fact, Nostalgia was featured a couple of times before releasing it even became an idea thanks to Miss Efemby who does her regular show called Techno Diaries! She managed to squeeze this one in so shout out to her for doing that!

Release Info

Nostalgia was released on 5th March 2021 on the Electronic Alliance Records label and can be downloaded from Beatport. It is also available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and Soundcloud to name a few of the sites it’s released on!

I hope you enjoy this tune and the mix! Do any of you trance heads remember the tunes from that mix? Let me know in the comments below!

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