Brand New Trance Music Release – Perpetual


Alright trance music lovers, this one is for you! The final single release of the Clouds of Memories EP from me comes in the form of a more introspective one as this is a track I made to reflect the perpetual life struggles we all face, which I’ve appropriately called Perpetual! I’ve definitely dug deep in this one which finds its way drifting in to existence from the beginning and takes you on a journey through sounds that influenced me during the early 2000s – here it is in full glory on Soundcloud!

I drew inspiration from many of the tunes I heard from the Ministry of Sound compilations on CD that I’d be blasting out for countless hours growing up, some of those classics I’ve shared this last few days but I’ll probably be sharing a few more as time goes on. As for the Clouds of Memories EP, Perpetual is the final track of 5 and in textbook old school trance fashion, it’s over 9 minutes long and has probably the longest breakdowns I remember making! When I first conceived the idea of Perpetual in 2013, I was going through a horrendous time and put everything I could in to the story telling of this one.

Even though the majority of the track is reflective, I thought it would be good to have the synth I used for the chords to loop on the more “happy” vibes to leave a little bit of suspense as to what will happen next in life’s grand adventure!

The artwork was beautifully designed by @gabrielatravels and I have her to thank for providing all the artwork for my music in the last couple of years. The powerful colours she used in this one captured the emotion of Perpetual wonderfully along with the tall palm trees, which have kept on growing no matter what the storms of life have thrown at them – a fitting image indeed!

Release Info

Perpetual was released on 26th March 2021 on Electronic Alliance Records and is available on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

I’ll be on the show on MSP Waves tomorrow at 15:00-17:00 UTC/UK Time – here’s the event invite/reminder so hope you can join!

Hope you enjoy


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