Comeback Is On With Some Drum & Bass!

Alright, so if you’ve been reading the carnage of what’s been going on at Havey HQ over the last couple of days, you may have picked up on the fact that my music PC was in rehab after going a little AWOL (thanks Windows, top work on your updates there)! After another slightly anxious morning where the PC Repair lad had to connect remotely to my PC to restore the rest of the files, I’m happy (and relieved) to say that all the tracks I was working on before the horrid blue screen of death are back in my hands!! Yeahhhh!!! The comeback is well and truly on! This calls for celebration – Drum & Bass music in the form a 6 track EP called the “Comeback” anyone? OK then!


This EP was actually made for when I was going through far tougher tribulations than the last month but it feels pretty good to get those 4 tracks back I had spent a lot of time on. There’s still a lot of work to do to re-install the music software I use (FL Studio) and then find all the plug-ins, virtual instruments, synths and whatsits but all in good time, I have some real life things I need to attend to first that are taking precedence (and of course, this blog lol)! So the comeback is on and hopefully next weekend, I’ll have it all back up and running again, ready to finalise these tunes, back them up, then back them up again and hope we never have to go through this again!

Probably the track I’d like to share the most would be “Comeback” which is a euphoric liquid drum & bass tune with a pure energy shot to the soul – here’s the full version in case you wanted to get a little more from the Soundcloud clips above on my YouTube channel. You’ll also find all the full length track releases to stream on there if you wanted. Not sure why the comments are turned off, I don’t remember doing that!

Release Details

Comeback was released on Electronic Alliance Records on 9th August 2018 as part of the Comeback EP – it’s available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

Hopefully this time next week, we’ll have the Gladiator fully up and running and administering some fresh beats in the studio but I’ll probably be missing in action for the next week or so, maybe longer. If you don’t hear from me, assume everything is going well!

Take care


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