Dance Music Flashbacks – Goldtrix – It’s Love (Trippin’)

Yesterday, I went back in time to 2001 and shared an absolute beauty from Watkins called Black A.M. and I thought I’d stay in the early 2000s as I remembered some more tunes I was loving at the time. Today, I want to share an atmospheric trance track that I first heard on MTV of all places and, as a young teenager and being full of energy, I fell in love with the mesmerising intro from those rhythmic synths of It’s Love (Trippin’) by Goldtrix, released on Altra Moda Music. The official music video is below but you know me, a sucker for the full original length tune which can be found here.

Once again, it was another Ministry of Sound compilation that opened my ears to a plethora of amazing tracks from that era with the Annual Spring 2002. Perhaps I was drawn in by the charming lady in the bikini on the front cover of that compilation but either way, it worked as there were some incredible tunes on this one and I featured a couple in my first and only dance & trance music mix I’ve done so far. If you’d like to listen in to that you can listen to the full 90 minutes here but I wanted to speed things up a little bit and I think you know what’s coming!

This lady enticed me in to a world of dance music!

Of course, there’s a Drum & Bass remix of this track and it stays true to the original hypnotic sounds courtesy of the Matrix extended mix. My goodness, I had this one on loop as I was training for half marathons and marathons in my prime – I didn’t realise that the drum & bass version was released in the same year as part of the same release as the original. I hadn’t dived down the drum & bass rabbit hole until a few years later when I heard this track on one of the many liquid dnb mixes I heard around 2006-2007.

As we were doing one of our final Platform Project shows at the end of 2020, I whipped out this track in the mix and I forgot how hypnotic it was as I normally give a quick shoutout during the breakdowns and say what the tune is but I was just lost in the music myself! Some of the listeners were melting at this one on the livestream and that’s what it’s all about! Just goes to show, tunes that are 20 years old transcend and can take us places. If you aren’t wrapped in the vibes of this track, then the lyrics are below:

They say I’m crazy, the way you got me open baby
They say I’m buggin’, the way I’m tight twistin’ your lovin’
They all sit and wonder why, these feelings I cannot hide
It ain’t a question of pride

They say I’m trippin’, the way you got my whole life livin’
They say I’m losin’ it, just can’t seem to get my grip baby
We all cry when we feel pain, love is gone we’re not the same
It ain’t a question of brains

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s look back at some of my favourites from the years. Tomorrow is a new trance music release from me and the final single release of the Clouds of Memories EP so I look forward to sharing that with you!

Do you remember this one? What are your memories of it? Let me know in the comments below!


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