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Serious Bizniz

That’s right, this is serious bizniz! None of that funny business, proper liquid drum and bass vibes on this remix I posted earlier today on my Soundcloud page. As my music PC is still down (which ironically is serious business lol), I’ve had to fill the time blogging, chilling out to some lovely liquid vibes and sorting out a bit of life admin. I remembered I had contacted Scott Allen who is the owner of beautiful soulful liquid dnb label Soul Deep Recordings and released Bronski’s original track back in 2017 – you can hear it below:

I’ve been friends with Mr Bronski for a few years now and it was actually later that year in 2017 we met up at a liquid drum & bass event called Liquicity along with female DJ Bassbird and had an amazing time, raving until the early hours! Nothing like a night out like that to inspire the soul!

A few years later, I decided to finally get my backside in gear and reach out to Scott Allen to get his opinion on the remix and what we can do with it and he said it’s fine to put up on Soundcloud for a free download so I’m pleased to say you can tune in to the deep liquid vibes below! To download, click on the white arrow and consider following my Soundcloud page, I keep it pretty up to date and may share some exclusives as time goes on:

Platform Project

Earlier today, I also caught up with Platform Project buddy, DJ Pi who I shared many a Saturday evening with on the ones and twos, spinning up live liquid drum and bass mixes for your raving pleasure. We’re both still under the cosh with our respective 3D lives but rumour has it that we may be reigniting the Platform flames later in the year which is something to look forward to. As we were talking on the phone, we were saying that it’s only been two months since our last outing but we’ve started to miss doing them.

The curation hunt, finding the latest gems from some of our favourite labels and the challenge of mixing them in to a seamless show with the back-to-back online livestreams was a lot of fun. We won’t be away for too long and if my latest liquid vibes get accepted on to Soul Deep, that would be huge – there are some immense talents on there and I’ve been really enjoying vibing out on their liquid vibes on Soundcloud today.

I’ve also been messaging another long time friend in DnB, who now goes by the name CDB and is a DnB DJ mixing fiend! He’s been making mixes again which is great to see as we all come out of this frankly naff period of time we’re in. This liquid mix is so good and would recommend a listen for a chilled Sunday evening – classic tunes mixed with new ones and loving the transitions.

That’s all I got today folks! I’m probably going to be chilling out a little bit on the posting front if you’re reading this on HIVE. It got a bit silly last week with about 11 posts in a week I think! I’m going to be blogging more from my website and sharing music a couple of times a week with everyone as things are starting to feel a little different, especially with offline life.

Hope you enjoy the tunes and take care!


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