Great Fun On One Tribe Radio

One Tribe Radio

Wow, what an amazing show that was earlier on with @tygertyger and @d-vine! There were some epic guests with @madcracke, Trip Jacker and Skyline Tigers sharing their latest masterpieces and then I somehow had to follow that all with my own Trance music releases! There is a feature where these things called NFTs are shared that are pieces of art featuring the musicians that appear on the show. This is where TygerTyger puts her artistic drawing skills to good (and hilarious) use with some given away during the show depending on if the listeners in the chat room are able to respond in time to the task announced on air. But what are NFTs?

NFTs – Non-Fungible Tokens

From what I gather, this actually has nothing to do with fungi but rather a digital piece of something, like art or gaming cards, that is unique and limited in its amount. So if you wanted to do a limited edition artwork, say only make 10 copies, and sell it to your fans, you would turn that art in to a token and put it on the blockchain so that it has a traceable time stamp and you know where it came from. Then it can be sold in an auction, eBay style, to the highest bidder and the buyer then owns the right to that NFT i.e. individual token of a unique piece of art. That’s at least my understanding of it!

So these NFTs that are given out in the show are timestamped, unique and limited in number which can be claimed on a website called NFT Showroom, which is a part of the Hive ecosystem of apps.

I’m still wrapping my head around these mysterious things and TygerTyger will probably need to explain it to me a few times again but I’m exploring ways of how I can make my own NFT with the music and combining with art – perhaps the MusicForLife crew has some ideas too… We’ll see!

However, if you want to see what TygerTyger has created from my multiverse adventure where she managed to perfectly capture my previous life as a doughnut loving ballet dancer, look no further than here – there’s only 4 available! I did say she puts here skills to hilarious use didn’t I?!

Trance Music

Anyway, that’s enough of the technical talk, I wanted to share the 3 tracks that got played on the show as I went back to my trance roots here and had a brief chinwag about each track but won’t bore you with the details as I’ve talked about in previous blogs and will share the recording of the show once it’s on YouTube!

First up is How It Used To Be – my first attempt at Psytrance:

Then is the high energy powerhouse trance tune called Nostalgia:

And we just managed to squeeze this one in after a special mention to Ricky Davey, @d-vine’s new found demented and euphoric duck friend!

That’s all from me folks – I’ll update this post with a link to the One Tribe Radio recording but hope you enjoy the tunes and be sure to check out the other artists featured from the show, every tune was so good from them!

Take care


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