I Spoke Too Soon – Nightmare Is Still On!

Nightmare Continues

Whoops! So yesterday I posted saying I would be getting the Gladiator back (my music PC) and managed to pick it up from the PC repair lad earlier. We had a chat about what the heck happened and in conclusion, I’ll never be updating Windows ever again! Anyway, getting back home, excited like a kid in the sweet shop, the PC fires up and is ready to go before I’ve even released the power on button. Damn, gotta love solid state drive! Obviously, the PC is pretty bare at the moment but I was mostly keen on if the files across the main drives I had were recoverable.


I saw that one of the drives had been rescued which is where I have all the tracks I’ve bought over the years for my radio shows but the music production and latest tunes… Couldn’t see where these were. Heart rate is going through the roof at this point and so I messaged the PC repair lad and he assured me it’s all on there. I said I couldn’t find it. Then I remembered I had to go and eat something seeing as it’s been a while and I was furiously eating in uproar.


In fact, I made a drum & bass track called Uproar which is very difficult to find these days, probably because I asked for it to be taken down but YouTube still insists on keeping it up there – weirdly it’s on YouTube Music and I can’t embed it as a player here on the blog… so yeah, this is how I felt as I was eating during my dinner. It was released way back in 2015 but I think the label it was on disbanded since so I may re-release it at some point.

Next Step

Back to the PC though!

So I get back from aggressively noshing my dinner and receive a message – we’re going to try and install the files on my PC remotely over the weekend as the repair lad still has a back-up at his. Phew!

I think I’ll be synchronising my music PC to my cloud backup going forward rather than manually doing it every month – can’t be going through this stress again!

Hope you have a great weekend folks – I’ll keep you posted! Fingers crossed!


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