I Think I’m In Liquid Drum & Bass Heaven

Liquid Drum & Bass Heaven

Wow, since taking a step back from toxic social media, I’ve been enjoying tucking in to a part of the internet that I didn’t really dive in to much and it’s been a revelation over the last few days I have to say! If you couldn’t figure out from the title of this blog then I’m talking about Liquid Drum & Bass on Youtube! From my post the other day after discovering Sound Territory, I then found another Liquid Drum & Bass DJ who goes by the name of “The Man From Del Monte” and published a heavenly 1 hour mix today for your pleasure:

If dreamy sounds floating on top of a fast paced drum beat with the ability to both dance and chill to is something you like the sound of then just press play above and let the music take you through. Silence Groove features in this mix and is an artist I have featured in many a Platform Project show in the past with the characteristic deep basslines that drive through the track, along with Seba who is one of the more long time standing producers in the DnB scene.

The Man from Del Monte has been sharing mixes on YouTube since Feb 2017 and has done 216 liquid mixes at time of posting this blog, which is a phenomenal output! They are available to stream on his YouTube channel but if you wanted a USB stick with all the mixes on, they are available on his website for home delivery.

Hospital Records

Another revelation that happened today was the discovery of something that had me leaping out of my chair with excitement – the Hospital Records Non Stop Liquid Drum & Bass YouTube stream. This literally does exactly what it says on the label! Then I found out they have a Discord server too to meet and chat with fellow dnb heads from a label that inspired me as I was going through Uni… I mean, can this get any cooler?!

I’ve had the YouTube channel on as I’ve been writing this blog and have had to stop a few times as the music plays in the background and I’m having to find those tunes on Spotify so those algorithms hit me with some more liquid goodness! For the first time in a long time, I’m feeling upbeat again – funny that all I had to do was turn off Facebook and Twitter for a couple of days and start looking after my mental health isn’t it! I’m going to have to put some playlists together, build up my digital crates again and start to seek out liquid dnb tunes for mixes myself to share with the world.

All in good time! Meanwhile, I’m just going to enjoy these beats – if you want to find me, you know where I’ll be, in liquid drum & bass heaven! And for those asking me what the heck “liquid drum & bass” means, just listen in to today’s sharing – it will answer all your questions!

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