Liquid Drum & Bass Flashbacks – Nicky Havey – Uncertainty

I totally forgot I had uploaded this one and never released it officially but as I was scrolling down through my Soundcloud feed, looking for some inspiration to sum up how I’ve been feeling of late, then I need not look any further than this super trance heavy liquid drum & bass track I made called Uncertainty. Hitting yet another cross roads with career thoughts, I turn to music I made previously which was born from these exact situations in some sort of dnb self-pity haha! Anyway, here’s Uncertainty for you:


So what’s going on with this one? Well, it starts off slowly and builds as the tension increases to a point where the beat just breaks out, inspired by me bottling up stress and emotions before it comes out in some form. Wash, rinse and repeat for the second drop and you kind of have the musical rendition of the full cycle I go through before deciding enough is enough and move on from where I’m at currently to “greener pastures”. Those greener pastures do tend to go brown though and so I probably refer to Uncertainty quite a lot for some inspiration to help get through.

Mixing It Up

Anyway, the track itself has just been sitting around on Soundcloud for the last 18 months or so and it can probably do with its time in the limelight once again. I remember airing this on a few Platform Project shows over the years and it had a pretty cool reception, especially the second drop when things get super spaced out. The first drop is pretty nice to transition in during a mix and switch up the bassline from the previous track, once I’ve managed to get the PC fully operational again (currently 80% backed up everything) I’ll try to remember to show you folks what I mean just by playing around.

My digital decks are looking in a sorry state just collecting dust right now but with Spring beginning to flourish, it might not be a bad idea to give them a bit of a spring clean and blow the dust off… but if someone can just make the days a little longer to fit all this stuff in, that would be a grand! Or I just set my alarm clock off a bit earlier, either or lol!

Alright, I’ll stop rambling now! Hope you enjoy the tune! Hope things are looking a little more certain in your lives.


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