Liquid Drum & Bass – Night Sky

Night Sky

If it’s deep liquid drum & bass you’re after today then I’d like to offer up my services with this track I made as part of the Travel Diaries EP called Night Sky. This one was the final track of that EP which was my final reflection on what was a truly epic trip in 2019 when I was lucky enough to go travelling around Australia & New Zealand. Hard to imagine that it’s nearly been 2 years already since I first jetted off around the world – how this pale blue dot has changed in that time…

On my travels, there was a two week period in New Zealand when I was on my own, driving around in a hire car up and down the North & South Island but the inspiration for Night Sky came as I was driving down what is known as the “Starlight Highway” on the South Island. It really lives up to its name – there’s really no light pollution at all here and you can see the stars light up the night sky in a spectacular display of dazzling balls of gas burning bright from millions of kilometres away. Here’s the tune:


The bassline in this track draws inspiration from one of my favourite liquid drum & bass tracks by High Contrast called Make It Tonight. Now that is a nostalgic trip listening in to this one – it was released in 2002 and I’m going to have to feature this in a future drum & bass mix later in the year. Obviously, the producers at Hospital Records are some of my absolute heroes in the DnB scene with the likes of High Contrast, Logistics, London Elektricity, Cyantific, Danny Byrd, Nu:Tone, Matrix & Futurebound to name a few! Ah, can’t wait for nightclubs and drum & bass events to open up again! How about you?

Release Info

Night Sky was released on 27th March 2020 on Electronic Alliance Records – you can download it here. It’s also available on Spotify and Apple Music should you wish to add it to your playlist!

What’s been your favourite night out raving? Or can’t you remember as you were under the influence (of the music of course…)? Let me know in the comments below!

Enjoy the track


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