Reggae Drum & Bass Flashbacks – Visionary – You Can’t Surrender

Continuing with the end of March 2021 Summer here in the UK – we had the hottest day in March since 1968 apparently with temperatures reaching about 25 Celsius in the warmest parts and it got to about 23C where I live! I caught up with my friend who’s been going through a really rough time recently and we started reminiscing about both our challenging times how we can’t give in and must keep going. So it seemed appropriate to share another favourite reggae drum & bass tune of mine called You Can’t Surrender by Visionary:


This one samples the wonderful sounds of Sitting & Watching by Dennis Brown who sadly departed planet Earth in 1999 but his legacy lives on and I feel that Visionary did a tasteful take of it with You Can’t Surrender as did a lot his tracks that sampled the reggae classics. I remember stumbling across this tune as part of the many mixes I downloaded in the years between 2005-2009 in some of the Dubwiser sessions. Going to have to go back to listening to those again once I’ve backed everything up with my PC – probably a couple more days then we’re good to go! Here’s the original that Visionary sampled:


To be honest, I have been loving this early Summer, it’s like we’ve completely skipped Spring and these reggae dnb tracks take me back to my Uni days when I was finding solace in the music. I remember walking to the park to meet up with friends and we’d either chuck a frisbee about or have a BBQ, play football or even if I was just making my way to a lecture, there’d be some cheerful DnB to help me on my way. This is one of my favourites from Visionary which was released in 2004 on vinyl on the Lion Dubs label. I wasn’t too keen on “I Know A Girl” which was on the B Side of the vinyl but I have to end the blog with my absolute favourite which is No 9 Dub.

That drop and bassline… fire!!! This was released in 2005 on the Revolve:r label and I enjoyed mixing You Can’t Surrender in a December 2018 mix and one of my favourite transitions includes No 9 Dub from April 2018 where I mixed it in with Earthling by MSDOS (you can hear it from about 45 mins in). How is that 3 years ago already… damn!! If you can put up with my dodgy presenting that is! I am going to have to do some more mixes when the dust settles a little bit – that would mean much less blogging… hmmm… we’ll see lol!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the tunes!


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