Reliving My First Drum & Bass Productions

Trip Down Memory Lane

I was going back through my Soundcloud page earlier and was wanting to see how my sounds have changed over the last 9 years since I first started sharing them and although some of the very first tracks have since been removed, I kept a couple for nostalgia’s sake. Simply put, I’ll have to revisit a couple of them as the production quality was a little worse for wear being that I had only just started wrapping my head around this new world of music programming!

Dirty Son Of Gun

Following on from that, the next tune I wanted to share was my remix of a club classic 90s anthem called JX – Son of a Gun. I remember that cheesy little synth melody that opened the tune and those killer vocals “A man that’s on the run is a dirty son of a gun” – this one brings back some memories! Reached number 14 in 1994 allegedly!

So what happens when you mix a big time wannabe drum & bass producer with some of the sounds of the 1990s? Well, you get something that sounds like the track below! As I was fumbling around on my keyboard, I heard a familiar sounding synth and it took me right back to my childhood with hearing the original. I managed to find the vocals on line and wanted to create a bassline that would compliment the original but have a little bit of spice – it went down a treat on Soundcloud with over 1,100 plays, 100+ downloads and over 40 comments from humans! Grab your download from the little white drop down arrow in the player below and enjoy!

It turns out this track actually destroyed one of my mate’s mate’s new car that he was showing off to the world! I now have to put a disclaimer any time I share my tunes that I’m not responsible for any damages to your sound system haha!

Hope you enjoy!

Are there any other 90s club classics or trance tracks you’d like me to “DnB-ify”? Let me know in the comments below!


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