Reliving Old Drum & Bass Productions – Part 2

Vague Illusion – Life

Last week, I thought I’d have a look back at some of my older tunes and shared with you a remix of a classic 1990s club anthem but this time around, I wanted to talk about a remix I made of track produced by then hard hitting Drum & Bass beast from South Africa Vague Illusion. Around the time of his peak production under this alias, he was knocking out some characteristic dark and heavy tunes but the original of the remix called Life was one of his more melodic sounds:

I was in love with the original from 9 years back with that intro that sets the tone straight away, building to a pretty gnarly drop with that growling baseline. I can’t believe that this was first posted on 21st Feb 2012! A lot has happened for both of us since then but we’ve kept in touch and although Vague Illusion still has the production bug, he has a family that rightfully takes priority but maybe there will be a time we see the beats come back from this maestro!


At the time of the original, Vague Illusion reached out to me and asked if I’d be game for a remix and I was honoured to be asked, truly! After smashing the replay button on his tune many times, I was wondering how I would even remix this. Those really cool Pendulum sounding vocals, the cool melody, the sound effects… Well, this is what I came up with! Remember, this one is 9 years old (published on Soundcloud in April 2012) and production skills were still pretty “raw”! I have since done a re-master that we might be releasing for the 10 year anniversary next year, we’ll see!

As you can hear the difference in the tracks, I decided to try and keep the vibes liquid but create my own melody to accompany the vocals with a rolling reese bassline, my favourite piano and string synths added to the mix, which are virtual instruments I used a lot back in my early days but they are pretty powerful instruments it has to be said! Plus Robert Miles (RIP) was one of my big influences growing up with tunes like Children.

I hope you enjoy the tune today!

Take care


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