Ska Drum & Bass Flashbacks – Dope Ammo – Big Summer

What’s that mysterious golden sphere in the clear blue sky shining down? I think it’s the Sun but it is a rare sight in the UK, especially with a bit of warmth coming with it in March! We’re in a mini heatwave here and it was a very pleasant stroll after work today across the fields with temperatures set to go up to the dizzying heights of 23 Celsius! This gets me well excited, who doesn’t love the sunshine and a bit of heat! Of course, this also means that I start to think of all the really cool drum & bass tracks that remind me of summer so what better tune to share today than a track called Big Summer by Dope Ammo:


I was trying to remember the first time I heard this track as I was searching for the YouTube video and would you believe it, a comment I wrote 9 years ago appeared in the comments section served as a handy reminder! So I guess it must have been around 2012 when it was actually fun to be around Facebook and I was involved in quite a few promo groups at the time – stumbled across Flak Events (if I remember rightly) who shared this one on their timeline and I was all over it… literally! It must have been no longer than 10 seconds by the time I clicked through and commented this – the intro sets the tone from the off!

More Discoveries

The track was actually released back in 2008 on Dope Ammo Records on the B-side (that’s right, vinyl) with a VIP remix of Roots & Culture by Serial Killaz, which I’ve not actually heard before until I just found it from this blog! What draws me in with these ska/reggae tunes is the feel good blend of the samples mixed in with the high energy beats from the drum & bass. I probably prefer the Big Summer tune of the two but they are both huge, can imagine the dnb floors going nuts when these tunes dropped.

Even the original that I just checked out sounds like it’s a blast on that drop, ready to go absolutely nuts and has the Dope Ammo sound about it for sure, the melody reminds me a little bit of the melodies from Crash Bandicoot except that cheeky bandicoot probably having a few too many “Wumpa” fruits and being high as a kite lol. Hear for yourself

Anyway, that was a fun trip today! With these sunshine vibes over the next couple of days, I may have to find some more ska/reggae dnb tunes to share!


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