Stunning Liquid Drum & Bass Mix From Sound Territory

Liquid Drum & Bass Mix – Sound Territory

The last few weeks, I’ve started to go back to my roots of music discovery and getting lost in the genre of music I truly love – liquid drum and bass. For those who don’t know what this genre is, it is a fast paced drum beat around 170-178 BPM with gentle vibes that you can both chill out to and dance at the same time. I find it purely magical but today, I’d like to draw your attention to a set that I found thanks to YouTube’s algorithms (I guess it found me actually) – called Liquid Drum & Bass Mix 136 from Sound Territory:

Sound Territory has been around on YouTube since April 2013 and shared a plethora of electronic music mixes from Techno to Deep House to Drum & Bass, leading to a pretty successful YouTube channel with 100k followers – awesome! Well worth a follow if that type of music is your jam.

This Came At The Right Time

I’ve been struggling over the last couple of days with various things and those of you who have been following me on FB and Twitter would have seen my announcements that I’ll be closing my pages there. There was a time when the whole social media experience was fun. You’d share a post, some folks would see it and send their positive vibes. Now, with these algorithms and other reasons on the type of content that you see on a regular basis, that fun and positive vibes has been ebbed away over the last few years.

People are easily triggered by seemingly nothing these days, there’s a lot of toxicity out there and a combination of these factors has just built up the negative vibes pot over at Havey HQ so I’ll be going back to just blogging from my website and Hive related platforms – sharing my music and escaping from this nonsense.

This is why I wanted to share the mix today from Sound Territory as it just took me away for the 1 hour and 15 minutes it was playing for with some beautifully chilled out liquid vibes to soothe my troubled soul. The gentle vibes throughout just helped elevate me out of this slump and when the remix of Need To Feel Loved by Delline Bass came on around the 16:27 mark, I was in heaven.

Need To Feel Loved – Reflekt ft Delline Bass (DNB remix)

Looks like the artist who made this remix wanted to remain unknown but it was released on Celsius Recordings on 20th January 2020. I always wanted to hear a liquid drum and bass version of one of my favourite trance tunes from over the years. Hits home every time I hear it, beautiful melody and heartfelt lyrics. I have wanted to do my own version of the original so may have to do that now I have my music PC 90% back in action! I actually found out that the strings that are used in the track are sampled from Thomas Newman’s score called “Ghosts” which is a beautiful piece of music on its own from the film “Road to Perdition”.

Anyway, I’ll depart this blog with the original tune from Reflekt ft Delline for nostalgia’s sake – enjoy the vibes and catch you on the next one.


Tracklist (From Sound Territory)

00:00 Dan Guidance and Henry – The Journey Ahead
04:23 Dan Guidance and Henry – We Hold The Stars
07:41 Rezilient – Calling
10:36 Alpha Rhythm – Dunsworth
13:32 Unknown Artist – This Summer
16:27 Unknown Artist – Need To Feel Loved (DNB Remix)
19:23 Alpha Rhythm – Diamonds
22:18 Jojabes – Absorption
25:13 Minos and Sub:liminal – Motions
28:52 Elixr – Wanted You To Know
31:25 Dan Guidance and Henry – Careless
34:39 Macca, Loz Contreras and Critical Event – Snow
37:34 Painted Skies – No Return
40:28 Henry – Blind Faith
43:45 PLTX – Yesterday
46:39 Elixr – Make My World
49:33 Unknown Artist – Blue Wine
52:28 Luciano (DnB) – Desire
55:23 Rezilient – Sparks
58:18 Jojabes – Translating Time
1:01:12 Jojabes – For All The Lost Ones
1:04:07 Luciano (DnB) – Echoes
1:07:01 Macca, Loz Contreras and Critical Event – See Me Now
1:09:56 Viewer & Fishy – Roadtrip to the Moon
1:12:28 Leniz – It Still Hurts

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