This Music Producer’s Nightmare Might Be Over!

What Nightmare?

Well, if you’ve been wondering what that weeping noise is coming from Havey HQ then allow me to enlighten you. Nearly a month ago, my music PC suffered the harrowing “blue screen of death” out of seemingly nowhere! It’s never a good sign when that happens but it’s even worse when the PC just doesn’t even make it past the first few seconds before it asks you to re-install Windows! What made it even worse was that I didn’t get a chance to do my regular back-up of the music files on there which all leads to the absolute worst nightmare ever for a music producer! Even if you aren’t a music producer, I’m sure we’ve all felt the bloody pressure rise when we live this experience. However, I had a text today that may signify the end of the nightmare – this calls for some optimism!

Start Again

That text was from the PC repair lad and it says “the PC is all up and running again” which bolted me upright out of my chair with manic excitement and hopefully I can get to start again on my music creations! I had 4 tunes that were ready for mastering before this PC breakdown totally wrecked the plans of getting them sent off – I’m itching to get back in to it again and hoping to bring you all these beats later in the year!

Seemed fitting to share with you my liquid drum & bass remix of Miss Tantrum’s Start Again – why not grab it, it’s a free download on Soundcloud after all!

Have you suffered the “blue screen of death” before? How often do you back up your files? Let me know in the comments below!

Catch up with you all soon!


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