York – On The Beach – Liquid Drum & Bass Remix

Blast From The Past

I was just casually logging in to Twitter for a little bit of late evening respite from the first day of the working week and was greeted with a tweet notification by an old music producer friend who goes by the name of TigerPaw. A few years back, I asked for his guitar skills to add to a remix I’d begun of a track called On The Beach by trance music legend York. As trance played a big part in my musical influence growing up, my drum & bass productions were always influenced by these sounds. Here’s the original from York:

On The Beach was one of my favourite trance anthems in the early 2000s and after hearing the CRW remix on the Ministry of Sound Ibiza 2000 Compilation, I was totally lost in the awesome melody sampled from Chris Rea’s – On The Beach original. And so started the idea for the remix, combining two of my favourite genres – liquid drum & bass and trance! I won’t keep you in suspense any longer:

Being tagged in that tweet was an awesome reminder of what happened that evening on 29th April 2016. After sending the remix off to York, he replied saying he liked it which was amazing in itself, a career highlight! What I wasn’t expecting was what York did later on which was upload the remix to his own Soundcloud page (that’s the page in the player above) to his own followers! It’s racked up over 7,000 plays on Soundcloud in that time and I’m still over the moon with it!

It’s a free download which you can get by clicking the “more” button then “download” in my upload here!

Hope you enjoy this freebie


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