Breakbeat Flashbacks – Krafty Kuts, Freestylers & Dynamite MC – Dynamite Love

Back again with another ear worm for me today sees us travel back to 2008 to this belter from Krafty Kuts, Freestylers & Dynamite MC called Dynamite Love. Got to love the YouTube algorithms finding some classic breakbeats! I remember first hearing this one as I was just searching for some background music to procrastinate… I mean… do some work to of course! Having just discovered Krafty Kuts and diving in to their tunes, this one came up and it’s been buried deep in the ears ever since:

First released in 2008 on the Against The Grain label, this track filled many dancefloors across the world with it’s bassline sampling Spandeau Ballet’s “To Cut A Long Story Short“, which was released over 40 years ago in 1980 and has been sampled many times since. I’m sure you’ll have heard it before in some of the more modern songs.

Music Sounds Fatter With U

For those who are unfamiliar with Krafty Kuts, he is a huge name in the breakbeat scene, producing some funky beats as you hear in the main tune shared today, sampling all kinds of different sounds from across the decades. If you want an evening of fun tunes and cool vibes, you’d do well to get a playlist going of Krafty Kuts tunes. Although I really enjoy Dynamite Love and it’s helped me one many a marathon training run, I think this collaboration with A-Skillz that mashes up Fatman Scoop and Stardust’s “Music Sounds Better With You” has to be one of my absolute favourite feel good tracks of all time. That intro instantly puts a smile on my face:

There are tunes that just help you get through bad moments in life and I rinsed “Music Sounds Fatter With U” so many times that I probably burned a hole through the mp3! End of relationships, after arguments, having a rough time with various things in life… no matter, slap on this belter from Krafty Skillz and there’ll be at least a little sunshine for 6 minutes! And if you’re already in a good mood, well, this one can only serve to magnify that feelgood factor! I think I looped this for a whole training run once that was about 5km, that’s how infatuated I was with it haha!

Have any of you got a tune that you just had on rinse repeat? What’s your Krafty Kuts favourite? Let me know in the comments below!


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