Drum & Bass Flashbacks – Benny Page – Turn Down The Lights

Oh my days!! I’ve had this one in my head all day for some reason and just had to share it with you. Last week, I shared a few reggae ska infused drum & bass tracks from Visionary and another legend of the dnb scene who also combined these two genres was Benny Page. In fact, today’s track called Turn Down The Lights was also released on vinyl along with Visionary back in 2006 on Digital Soundboy Recordings, which is a match made in heaven if ever I’ve seen one! Here is the original it’s full glory, re-released and re-mastered in 2014:


A lot of these tunes I’ve been sharing recently are what I listened to that really helped me get through Uni from 2005-2009 and beyond and formed much of my discovery of Drum & Bass. Many mixes were downloaded from various sites that had live recordings of rave nights at that time. I had to use my research skills for other purposes than diving in to academic papers and text books as track lists were hard to come by and Shazam didn’t have much of a database back then! Certainly not of tunes from underground dnb mixes!

I don’t know if any of you have experienced the thrill, or frustration is probably more appropriate, of trying to find that track in a mix that you just couldn’t get out of your head? Well, that’s what I’ve been experiencing for much of the 13 years since listening to those mixes. Thankfully, I have managed to find about 95% of what I was looking for, there will be some that I just never can track down but I hope that all those vinyl releases from the early 2000s get re-released digitally and I can zen out in the dnb nostlalgia!

Reliving The Platform Project Past

Speaking of looking back and remembering the good times, I was 100% sure that I included Benny Page’s track in one of my mixes I did for the Platform Project and I managed to find it from December 2018 as I rounded up the year that provided me with a large amount of personal turmoil. With 1 hour to put together a mix that would just take everything away that year, I featured mostly tracks that were from 2004-2007 and if ever you wanted a glimpse in to what I listened to for comfort, this is probably the mix that will reveal all. I think in all the Platform Project shows I’ve done, this one is probably my favourite live performances with the nostalgic track selection and felt that the transitions were on point too. I also don’t talk as much, which is even better haha!

Hope you enjoyed today’s flashback!


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