Drum & Bass Flashbacks – DC Breaks – Starstruck

After being tagged in a post yesterday by fellow Drum & Bass enthusiast @rt395 on the Hive Network, I couldn’t be happier with the way the Monday started. Usually associated with abject misery, thankfully, in the UK we have a public holiday which is much needed for me and what better way to start than to tune in to some DC Breaks tracks?! After hearing “We Never Slow Down” and “Euphorium“, it brought me back to the first tune I heard from DC Breaks which was released in 2009 called Starstruck on Hospital Records:


I’m struggling to remember how I first came across this track, I think my brother shared it with me when it first came out and I was like, “This is amazing!” and proceeded to rinse it non-stop ever since! It immediately went in to my running playlist and gave the energy boost needed to get through the training for the marathons I signed up for. Yes, I was heavily in to the long distance running 10+ years ago but have tapered down since then and settled for hiking, my knees won’t allow long distance running anymore!

You know I had to feature Starstruck in one on my Platform Project sets over the years and it took me a while to find out where I had squeezed it in but I managed to find our 50th show that I had the pleasure of hosting with DaveyHub back in October 2018… damn time really does fly! Thankfully, someone made a blog about it and put the track list in so I could find it – you might know the author lol! Here’s that mix for you to enjoy 1 hour of drum and bass with a guest interview with DaveyHub:

Cryptocurrency Landscape

As I’m listening back to that show with this blog and the interview, it’s amazing how the landscape has changed in the last 3 years with crypto! We met through Atom Collector which has branched out to Rising Star Game and although there’s mention of Blocktronica, DaveyHub, Bufinjer and myself branched out to create our own community called Electronic Music Alliance which has been growing since with that community spirit and many more collaborations & shows have come about since then! Something tells me we’ll need to an update catch up chat and make another mix later in the year when things settle down for both of us!

For me, I’ve focused mainly on blogging on the Hive Network which is by far my favourite place to hang out on, so much so, I’ll be ditching my FB page in a couple of months. Already deleted my personal page there and it was so alleviating! Will be keeping my Twitter on though as that seems to be more interactive!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the tune and the mix! Keep it DnB!


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