Out Now! Clouds of Memories EP – 5 Track Trance ThrowBack To The Old School

If you’ve been following me on the Hive network recently, you’d have heard me on a radio show called One Tribe Radio (@one.tribe.radio) hosted by the awesome @d-vine and @tygertyger, where musicians come together and share their latest tunes. For me, it was a chance to talk about the Clouds of Memories EP which is my trance music throwback to the old school vibes that inspired me from the early 2000s, before I even got in to Drum & Bass. Today, the whole 5 tracks are released in the Clouds of Memory EP and I can’t wait to tell you more about them (again)!

I’ve been releasing these tracks as singles over the last few months as part of the schedule but they are all parts of a bigger picture and, I guess, my own internal coping mechanism to vent my frustrations in life via music production. The weekend around April 9th will be etched in my memory after embarking on what was a trip of a lifetime back in 2019 as I ventured off on my own to the other side of the world in Australia and New Zealand so it’s nice to have a musical release to commemorate that trip! Anyway, here’s the playlist on Soundcloud:

Clouds of Memories EP

Tracks of the EP

With the help of good friend from the Hive network @gabrielatravels, the name of the EP was born along with the wonderful artwork she provided that brought these tunes to life over the last 3-4 months! She managed to capture the emotion of the tracks with her graphic skills and I couldn’t be happier with the way this whole EP went. It was great to go back in time with the trance music to when I first went on a journey of music discovery before ploughing in to drum & bass head on!

The EP artwork with clouds in the form of ice cream is a throwback to when we had family holidays visiting Cornwall in Summer growing up and the back cover above has the track listing on with the plane wing as we glide above the clouds which takes me back to the times I’ve been travelling around – hopefully we can get back to that again soon! Now I’ll share some more artwork and a little blurb about each track as you listen in!

End Of An Era

We kicked off the year with a track called End of an Era which was inspired after a series of events that lead to the end of certain eras in my life but as always, you go in to the next cycle and sometimes that process can be a little rough. On the plus side, it’s a chance to start again and that’s the positive take that I tried to get across in this one with the melodies and overall feel of the track.


The second track of the EP is a 12 minute behemoth that tips its hat to the classic trance tunes with the characteristic long intros and outros for DJs to transition seamlessly in to their mixes and for the ultimate trance music storytelling! One of my friends @tygertyger described some of the sound effects in the track as “space seagulls” but this one is about someone or something that comes in to your life and totally flips everything on its head. Friendships can be lost and you are kind of helpless to see the effect that this invasion has but there’s nothing you can do about it. That’s the effects of the “Invader”!

How It Used To Be

The BPM of the EP picks up a notch here as I creep towards my normally higher modus operandum of 174BPM as a dnb producer! The mood in this one turns in to a more somber one as that feeling of going back to a time of how things used to be really gets stronger. The main melody is based around the classic from Wamdue Project’s King of my Castle, good times those were!


I’d say the highest energy track of the EP is Nostalgia where I took my mind back to the memories of the good times and when we were able to just go out and party to our hearts content, do things that we probably shouldn’t have done and have some crazy nights out! This is all about those fun filled, high energy nights at the rave as we enjoy the nostalgic trip!


The final track of this journey is a gentler one as the energy drops off by a couple of BPMs. The introspective mood acts as a reminder that these different cycles we go through in our time on Earth are actually perpetual and they never leave us. I like the “Olympic Rings” analogy where the logo of the Olympics is 5 rings that are connected, advancing from left to right as you go along, which is how life is – working your way through different cycles.

Release Info

The Clouds of Memories EP was released on 9th April 2021 on the Electronic Alliance Records label. It is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music and can be downloaded here. As always, a big thanks to the Audio Animals for mastering these tracks and bringing them to their fullest.

I’ll be returning to my Liquid Drum & Bass roots from now on but it was great fun to try out something new with my attempts at trance music, hope you have enjoyed them!


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