Liquid Drum & Bass Flashbacks – Aquasky – Spectre

Who remembers GTA 3 then? Damn, that game was class, many an evening spent cruising around Liberty City in the Cheetah, stumbling around the radio stations before finding one called MSXFM where DJ Timecode and MC Codebreaker were repping some of the heaviest drum and bass beats from a mini mix of Moving Shadow’s 01.1 studio set. With Codebreaker providing the pure fire lyrics for a solid 25 minutes, he gave himself a bit of a breather, understandably, whilst letting this beautiful liquid roller play out. I am of course talking about Spectre by Aquasky:


Spectre was released on the Moving Shadow label back in 2001 and 20 years later, I’ve still had it on repeat these last few days. As soon as that atmospheric pad comes in from around 1 minute 49, I was lifted to another place for that 2 minutes or so after and I mentioned yesterday that I was starting to get the itch for mixing again. Well, this one would definitely make it in to my first live mix back, whenever that will be! Any of those missions that needed to be completed in GTA would have to wait until I had listened to this one all the way through, at least until after the atmospheric bit ended!


The heavier drum & bass part of that mix wasn’t something I was feeling as much although I did end up buying the Moving Shadow 01.1 CD when I found it a shop on campus at Birmingham Uni, grabbed it for a couple of quid back then! Still have the CD now actually but I’d eventually fall in to liquid sounds with my taste of Drum & Bass. If you wanted to listen to the full GTA MSXFM mix and lose your sh*t for 25 minutes then check it out here.

Reading the comments in that MSX FM YouTube video, it seems I’m not the only one reminiscing about this set! It also looks like someone has actually called the number mentioned in the mix and the guy at the other end is just some random bloke! Haha! But I think he takes it in good spirit, probably got a load of calls from dnb nutters over the years. Check out the bottom comment though!

As that Volodyagold31 said though, probably best we leave that guy alone now! That is one hilarious comment thread though if you wanted to check it out in full!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. Anyone else play GTA III and rinse MSXFM? Let me know!


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