Liquid Drum & Bass Flashbacks – Seba – Snow

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Keep Calm & Bass On

While the crypto markets have a bit of a funny moment, I like to stack low frequency basslines and plough sick drum & bass beats through my ears! Seriously though, if you’re feeling a little stressed out from it or anything else, I’m here to provide you with daily tunes and a bit of dialogue to take you away for a bit! On to today’s share, I’ve been heavily rinsing this track on autoplay on YouTube after hearing it in the mix I shared when I started posting again. I have always enjoyed Seba‘s deep vibes and this one really struck a few chords with me – here’s his track called “Snow”:


This one was released in 2009 on the legendary Hospital Records Sick Music compilation and the dreamy intro is characteristic of the sounds that Seba put in his tunes. For me, the section from about 1:28 until the breakdown is pure frozen snow heaven as the spaced out synth sounds come in and elevate us to the mountains. Kudos to Moogli who put this video together, absolutely perfect accompaniment to the original!

Seba & Paradox

Although Snow is 12 years old now, I only just discovered it and there were many tunes I had heard from Seba over the years, this one must have just slipped through the net! Some of my favourites were his collaborations with Paradox, a male vocalist with a unique voice that complimented those dreamy sounds beautifully. Last Goodbye always got the emotions going as I was going through a tough break up when I heard it. However, it was Seba & Paradox’s debut release on Hospital back in 2005 that brings back the memories with their tune called “Move On”:


If you’ve been listening to my music, particularly the drum & bass stuff, you’ll probably hear some the influences from Seba at some point. The melodic synths and dreamy pads are something I’ve been trying to hone over the last 10 years or so. For me, it’s all about taking someone on a journey and lifting them to another place, albeit for only a few minutes. I feel trance sounds fused with liquid dnb offers the best of both with that but in honesty, good music transcends whatever the genre… but I’m sure you already know that my go to is always liquid dnb haha! I’ll definitely have to add this one to my first mix when I get back in the mixing game!

What are your favourite Seba tracks? Let me know in the comments below!


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