Liquid Drum & Bass Flashbacks – Syncopix vs Nu:Tone – Upgrade

It was so difficult to pry myself away from yesterday’s share of “Snow” by Seba but another ear worm that I’ve had throughout today is from the collaborative efforts of Syncopix and Nu:Tone called “Upgrade”. This gentle liquid drum and bass roller will soothe your soul from the off and it’s another track from that era of 2004-2009 that slipped under my radar so it feels like a brand new track for me anyway! Still so fresh! Anyway, here’s the tune:

Time For An Upgrade

This is another belter released on Hospitalised EP from the Hospital Records label, which has been at the forefront of awesome drum & bass releases since 1996 and is the first label I listened to when I first stumbled across dnb back in 2004. “Upgrade” was released in 2006 and possibly samples Earth, Wind & Fire’s track September if you can pick it out, I’m just going off what I read in the YouTube comments so could be wrong on that!

As with pretty much most Drum & Bass tracks, samples of various tunes throughout the ages are used, rejigged and re-energised with a higher tempo. If done the right way like with Upgrade, the result is pretty satisfying I have to say! You can have this type of track in the background whilst you write a blog for example, or you can dance to it, such is the beauty of liquid drum & bass, you can do both!

Who’s Who?

You might be thinking who’s providing which part of the track (or not, I don’t know) but I thought I’d try and don my detective skills based on some familiarity with these two dnb phenoms and if I had to guess… Syncopix provided the drum beats as I recognise the sounds from some earlier tunes, perhaps some of the sound effects and vocal samples, with Nu:Tone providing the bassline and electronic piano/keys. I could be way off but it’s probably irrelevant seeing as both styles blended so well in this one!

I think it’s safe to say, I’ll be adding this one to my first mix back when I return to the live streams again with DJ Pi on the Platform Project. These blogs are pretty much providing the soundtrack for many of my future shows I think haha! Got to love finding some of the older gems from a forgotten time and it’s great that some of you have been reminiscing with me in the comments this week! Glad I’m not the only one who gets hit with a large bout of nostalgia from time to time!

Hope this one gives you a boost to help get through to the weekend!


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