Going Out With A Drum & Bass Bang On One Tribe Radio

Going Offline

The time has come for me to take a break from being online and posting for a while as burnout has really hit hard and I’m a big advocate for mental health awareness so it’s time I practiced what I preach! I tried to take a break earlier in May for a couple of weeks, came back too soon, burned out again and realised that it’s time to switch everything off. However before I went into a hiatus, I was invited to a Drum & Bass special show by my friends on @one.tribe.radio (@d-vine and @tygertyger) on Hive with the legendary Blame who has been a big influence in the scene for decades – more on that later.

Space Adventure Promo Mix

If you have followed my recent posts then you will have read that I’m looking to change career and move in to the Space industry, hopefully as a researcher but we will see where it leads me. Being an astronaut would be incredible but who knows?! I’ll be starting a course in January to help brush up my knowledge in this industry and learn about the latest technologies and discoveries but the creative side of me wanted to put this excitement in to Drum & Bass form of course! All roads lead to drum and bass haha! So here’s my 5 track promotion mix that was premiered on One Tribe Radio:

The first tune is called “Space Walk”, a dark liquid dnb tune that builds up from the off. This then mixes in to “Castle” which is a track I showcased exclusively on Hive a few months ago, inspired by playing Spyro the Dragon funnily enough! The third dreamy track is a remix I’ve been working on with Adrian Earnshaw called “Breathing in the Stellar Nursery”, followed up by “Aura” which is a little heavier but still has that atmospheric sound to it, with the mix rounded off with a tune called “Interstellar”. Hope you enjoy this little promo mix!

One Tribe Radio – Drum & Bass Special With Blame

It was an honour to be on the show and get to speak with Blame yesterday as he talked through his motivations and story behind each tune. It sounds like fate played a big part in his productions as each of the 5 tracks had their own tale to tell. It seemed that fate brought itself in to the show for me as well!

When I was doing my university courses from around mid to late 2000s, I’d download a load of Drum & Bass sets, whether they were live recordings or some just off the cuff mixes but I remember hearing one that stuck with me and I had no idea what it was called. I tried Shazam but it was a no go for most drum & bass tunes back then and it just remained one of those mysteries until yesterday! That tune is “Stay Forever”:

I was so made on the show, like beaming from ear to ear when I found out it was Blame and I was actually speaking to the guy who made it haha! Amazing! You can hear my joy in the full re-run of the show here! What’s also cool is that there’s a VIP version released on his bandcamp page which is well worth a listen – check it out here. The dude is so down to earth as well and we had a laugh about NFTs (still trying to get my head around those) as well as enjoying hearing his first track Music Takes You and his newest remix of Karistocat’s tune called Babylon.

Thanks to D-Vine and TygerTyger for having me on and the send off!

Hopefully when I’m back from my little break, we’ll catch up again and share some new tunes with you all but for now, take it easy and see you again soon. I’ll still have my Twitter and Hive profile running but it’s time to enjoy some offline life!


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